Forming in 1991, Ringworm took their name from a Vincent Price movie and began mingling the essentials of metal and hardcore alongside fellow genre smashers in Earth Crisis and Integrity. In 1993 they released The Promise on Incision Records, followed by several well received 7”s. After paving the way for crossover acts to come, the members of Ringworm went their separate ways, with some members joining Integrity and vocalist Human Furnace turning his focus to artwork and tattooing. By 2001, Ringworm were ready to give the band another shot, and recorded “Birth Is Pain”, their Victory Records debut. The press raved, with Law of Inertia describing thusly, “…the technical virtuosity to supplement their bone-crushing tunage with blazing guitar solos and unmistakably “Clevo Style” power chord crunch which is nearly impossible to replicate.”

Touring followed, but became increasingly sporadic as the band juggled jobs and family. Human Furnace owns a chain of three tattoo shops called 252 Tattoo, while Frankie “3 Gun” Novinec plays and tours with hardcore giants Terror. Ringworm continued to play shows and record whenever possible, but it ended up taking four years to finish Justice Replaced By Revenge. Vocals HF explained to hardcore web magazine Quebec City Hardcore, “Justice actually came together quite quickly once we got down to the writing process. The vocals weren’t written for a long time after the songs were originally tracked.” The album was recorded and mixed by Ben Schigel at Spider Studios.

With a sound powerful enough to bring metal fans to their knees, RINGWORM conquers an internal struggle on Justice Replaced By Revenge, and exorcises humanity’s filthy demons.

MP3's: http://www.ringworm13.com/rw/rw.html or http://www.myspace.com/ringworm13

Homepage: http://www.ringworm13.com

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I thougth Ringworm sounded awful the first time I heard them, but I love it now. It's not suppsoed to sound god. It's supposed to express anger, and it does so better than any other band I've heard.
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Gnarly band, heard them a while ago, very heavy. Good choice.
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Good stuff! Justice Replaced By Revenge is a damn good record.

Gotta admit, I'm really digging "No One Dies Alone" from that album.
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I think they use Botch guitars tuned to drop Botch.