Hey this is my bands first full original. I know the siinging is bad, so if u agree with me (which you probably will), please leave some constructive criticism on how he could improve his vocals. If you think they are good please tell me otherwise.

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no doubt about the singing lol, so if he wants to improve it, which i asume he wants to, theres nothing better than practicing singing LOUDER! not just whispering into the mic. It'll definatly take more than a month but the trick to get at least a wee bit better is to shout your lyrics into the mic, you know, with feel, passion! lol
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well your song is pretty cool. sometimes your vocalist doesnt catch the right tones; a thing i also got to learn ( is this gramatically right?) the voice needs more power as well. he should sing a little bit louder. i know the others said it too.
Summary: I like your song. Keep it up. Record this song again when he's better at singing and post it here.

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the song is powerful, its rocking and i like it, my only complaint is the vocals, everything else is right on...the vocals are too high in the mix, and there are parts where it sounds like he is just hitting random notes, i would try to shoot for a more coherent melody (but maybe that is just his voice), the vocals definitely need to be more powerful, because it is a powerful song, i have the same problem with my singing...but overall, then instruments and stuff sound great, i might change the drums in the solo, the double bass sounds kinda out of place, i would put in a steady but powerful beat...overall pretty good

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