ok soo i sent my jem in to the shop for an intonation fix an they did somthing wrong and warped teh trust rod somhow....they gave me 3000 dollars back and now im wondering what i should get....a jem or a js?why is it that the js is so much cheaper?is it that less of a guitar?and also what are some good gutiars with a floyd rose on it? thats versatile
That's pretty ****ed up. Tell us what store it is so we know to to distrust.

The JS model has 2 pickups, a basswood body, and chrome hardware. It's just less fancy than the JEM. And, although Smokey will say otherwise, fewer people worship Satriani than Vai.
Just play a couple of both and decide from that. So did they give you the cash and keep the guitar?
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how did they manage to warp the neck while doing an intonation fix? Did you take it to the retard guitar shop?
i dont know iw as so pissed i waited liek 4 months for it to get to the ware house... they said they were trying to fix teh trust rod an it jus cracked inside or somthin
What a bunch of 'tards.

Hey, here's an idea: get a new neck for it. It's a bolt on. And all the other parts are in working order, so why not? Besides, it would be such a waste of a good guitar.