My current footswitch has taken it's last breath: I can't control with which switch I command the channel changes, FX etc, so I need help.

Probably there's no point to repair it, 'cause you can buy a new one fairly cheap, but...

Can you buy a different brand footswitch to work on a different brand head/combo? I mean I would like to get the best there is on the market, 'cause my old one sucked any way(too onesided), so I would like something that will give me easy control of many parameters.

Anyone know if this can work out, or do I have to buy a footswitch made specifically for my amp? I have heard that Marshall footswitches suck even in the TSL series amps, so yeah, no way am I gonna buy a new Marshall pedal without a fight!

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You can use any footswitch, but I'm pretty sure the number of parametres you can actually control is decided by the amp.
For example, not all amps will have the ability to footswitch reverb on/off, no matter what footswitch you use.