Their band name sounds pretty homo though... But so is this section of the forums so enjoy i suppose ?
I used to listen to them back in the day.

So they have a new cd out?
OLN are amazing! I'm definitley impressed that their 'screamer' is extremely young.
I gotta check out their new stuff.
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Is he seriously 14?

indeed. he was 13 last summer i know that. so if his bday is like this spring then hes still 13.
I used to like them a lot, but they got kinda old. The screamer isn't really that good either.
i is cool
These are awesome!
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wow their new song is up! symptoms of a failing system.. its awesome.
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Hang about... The guy screaming is 14? What the hell?! He sounds like a grown-up

EDIT: They remind me of a heavier, more tech Saosin

EDIT2: I actually well like these guys
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So turns out I'll be seeing these guys tomorrow with Before their Eyes and I See Stars.
Not...really my thing, but I See Stars is on Sumerian (wtf?) and I'm on Sumerian's street team and they need to get a package to the band, so they're overnighting it to me and getting me into the show for free.
These guys good live? They sound generic as all hell, but not completely awful.
This band would actually be alright if it wasn't for the really shit screams. The high singing is really nice, but the music is a bit meh.
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i used to love that band but that screamer only has the one scream. it like never changes
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Before Their Eyes is one of the worst bands ever though.

Yes. I'm aware. Not looking forward to it.
I really like their (our last night's) song Escape though.

....not that I would admit that to anyone.
I actually found out about this band back in 2004.

Someone in the Pit or some other thread posted them, because the screamer was 10 years old at the time.

They used to suck big time! I think they improved a lot, I really like them.
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i saw them live not too long ago
pretty good live, there was electrical problems during their set though so i didnt get to hear all their stuff
They're absolutely amazing!

love their stuff - impressed with the age of the screamer - slightly worried that his normal voice will sound like the syth lord by 18 though
Saw them in july. They have the best stage presence I've ever seen. It was pretty awesome jerry from Sky Eats Airplane cam out and screamed one of the break downs with him.
i think this band is amazing except for some of the screaming/growling the guy does.

i love the lyrics from Timing Is Everything and This Is Your Lifesaver, and a lot of the guitar from Recovery is beast.

...theyre tight.
their screamer started when he was 10?

seriously something wrong here...

Edit: and I'm listening to Escape. Screamer definitely sounds like a kid.
okay song though. minus screaming. that just ruins it.
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It's not an achievement to be young and be the screamer for a band if your screams sound like shit.

this. his ex gf says he sounds better now, but i don't believe her. he screams from his throat, which is never good.