I know Alot of say and believe this, But, WHY?? is it just the shapes, the wood, the pick-ups, The craftsmenship, etc. I've owned a couple of richs' in my time and have found their guitars to be no less than what you pay for, the cheap models are just that, CHEAP! not meant to be goin head to head with with ex$pensive models. I'm also not gunna say that they are the best(no way!) but I've certainly found other brands that produce equally crappy guitars. If its just your "opinion" that they suck, thats fine, but more often than not, this opinion(it seems) is strictly based on the shape or "look"of the guitar. what do you think?
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well i dont know the whole story but in the beginning they were awesome. Then they became 80s chees metal guitars then they started sucking in the 90s . maily due to high demand in drop tuning guitars. BUT BC RICH IS BACK man look at their new site
The reason I think B.C. Rich sucks is because they focus on visual pleasure more than aural pleasure. Their guitars do get quite nice when you get into the higher price ranges, but you could find a much better guitar for a much better price than what they offer for the same. I am in no way saying all of their guitars are crap, they do make good ones, just most of the ones I have played feel bulky, hard to handle, don't sound that good and just don't feel like a solid guitar. But those higher end and exotic Mockingbirds are nice...
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I own a couple of BC Rich's, and as you said, the cheap models are terrible. Mostly the problem with BCs is the materials they're made out of. The expensive models are pretty good, but they aren't quite up to par with other guitars in the same price range. Although I wouldn't go as far as to say they suck, because they don't if you buy a higher model, there are better guitars. Currently I play a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser and I like it a lot more just because it plays much more nicely and gets MUCH better sound than my BC Rich does. It's like playing a dream guitar.
The cheap ones aren't that great, i but i think they're still better than a Squier, haha. The high end and custom shop models own.
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They used to be insane dude. But then the company was sold and sucked, then it went back to the original owners. But, the guitars still cost far too much, especially seeing as they are bolt-ons and shit pickups with rubbish body woods (cheeswood or nato anyone?). The speedloader thing was cool though, and the decent ones cost much more than they are worth.
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Any guitar that is on the wall of a retail shop with a price of under $1000 is just thrown together fast on an assembly line. No attention to detail. For this reason, its fit and finnish are very poor. Any brands custom shop however, will build you a Professional guitar that is amazing and superior to anything else. It all comes down to how it is made. By hand or by machine.

Kerry King has BC Rich make him a PRS quality Axe that is hand made a with the finnest materials. O yeah, PRS Price too. BC Rich custom shop guitars start around $3500. Same with ESP, Gibson, Fender, PRS.

Just to make a quick Dollar, B.C. Rich mass produces cheap guitars with cheap components with the warlock shape to lure in 13 and 14 year olds who dont know any better and just want a metal guitar.
has anybody even seen the new ones? the have that cool invisbolt thing and they are much much nicer. even some of the less expensive ones
The new ones still have the same poor body woods (even on the exotics or NJ mockingbirds) and low quality electronics. I don't understand whats different other than an arched top and a fancy new website.
Well they are pretty bad, but look pretty good
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what are they on .. nato?.. surely just use normal mahagony.. but the new assains look pretty cool. theyre taking a hint from schecter

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my Jammin' partner has a Bronze Warlock (supposedly junk by all the forums) and everytime I'm at his house I play on it more and more - I like it... I like the looks and the feel and it sounds pretty damn good to me.
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