So yesterday I went to guitar center with hopes of buying a new amp. I was set on buying either the Crate Polomino or a Fender Blues Jr. They didn't have a Jr. in stock, not even on display...all they had was the special edition version which is like $600. So I decided I would go get somethin to eat with some friends and decide on which one I was going to buy. So I get back to guitar center about 15min. before closing, and I was pretty much set on the Polomino, but then a person setting next to me was playing a RFX65...it impressed me enough for me to wait and do some more research. I didn't have enough time to even plug and play because the manager came and told us we needed to leave cause they were already 30 min. behind. I came home and could not find 1 single bad review about it...I would go back to GC and test it, but it's a 2 1/2 hour drive.

So is the RFX65 a good buy? Or am I better off paying the extra cash and getting a Polomino?