I apologize for another "lolzorz Ima n00b so what shud I get" thread, but I just wanted a last opinion. Does Jackson JS30RR + Roland Cube 20X = somewhat good? My price range is around $450, so "great" guitars and amps are out of the question.

Right now I'm playing on a Yamaha EG 112C2 (EG 112 from Costco lol) starter pack, and I'm using the Yamaha starter 8-watt amp. To me, it sounds kind of decent, so I think a Cube 20X would be an improvement.

I'm pretty set on the guitar; love the shape (I play with the guitar in between my legs anyways so the V might benefit me), and the specs look decent; Alder body, bolt on maple neck (won't get a set-neck for that price, right?), 24 xfrets, and no tremelo (don't really need one).

The amp I'm not too sure about. Looks pretty good, but is there anything better for around $150?

And if I had, say anywhere up to $200 to spend after all of this, what should I buy? Swap out the pickups on the Jackson? Buy some pedals?

/annoying n00b questions

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Oh yeah, I forgot to add, I MIGHT be able to buy my friend's Ibanez for really cheap (he's a dumbass who doesn't actually play or know anything about guitars, but says he does). So another option for the extra $200 would be another guitar.

Sorry if I'm asking people here to hold my hand here, but I'm kind of lost. I don't want to make a bad purchase, you know?


I don't care if bumping is not allowed and I don't care if I get banned, just PLEASE someone answer my question!!!


You like the guitar, so that's not a problem at all .

Thee amp is actually a really good decision. I support your decision with the Cube.
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Thank you sir (or madam). You are my new hero. I just needed confirmation with the amp, so yeah, thanks.
I really love cubes, but if you can go for a 30x, much better and not a huge price diffrence.