Ok so I just bought home my first Ibanez RG560...

first I've noticed that the bridge is not an Edge but a TRS-101
still a very stable platform I might say because of the guitars age...

second I thought that the head stock is all black but this one is not,
the head stock is patterned with the color of the body but it did have a
serial no. on the back just like the RG560's from the late 80's
the serial no. is F127305

third pickups were replace already and the guitar produces buzzing like
a ground wire is out... ( I think the pups need more shielding but I'll replace
them anyways )

Fourth action is pretty low and is very comfortable and fun to play...

Fifth body is light and very good for me cause I'm a small guy...


So what do you guys think?
Its 'cause they didnt start putting AANJ's on there models until...1994 i think, so all the older models have the standard square neck joint thing
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