hey, im gna invest into a new guitar and amp. i play mostly rock, hard rock, funk, glam rock etc. I've decided to get a VOX AD-50VT, but i was wondering should i get a mockingbird or a squire telecaster?
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i am not a fan of either but i would have to take a the telecaster before the mockingbird every day
Telecasters are nice but I prefer Mockingbirds..
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My mockingbird has semi-incurable neckdive. I think Teles are generally more comfortable to play(the shape). But it depends if were talking American tele vs bronze Mockingbird, or American mockingbird vs squier tele etc.....

Which particular models are you looking at?
^ yeah what models

keep in mind, the mockingbird's apparently hurt like a bitch while standing up, cuz the top horn points straight into your ribs.

tele's are more comfortable for sure, and usually have a better tone, if your talking about the same price as a squier tele, then the only BC Rich you'll get will be made of shit wood with shit pups

so imo, tele
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I don't know much about either guitar besides how they look but i personaly would get the telecaster based on looks.
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I find both guitars ugly as hell,but I'd go for the tele because its versatile
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i love telecasters

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