Hey guys, recently I have been playing on 10's and I noticed that I don't have trouble playing on them at all. I was wondering if I should go to 11's.
The only problem is whether it will be worth the extra effort to do that.
Will they be alot harder to play? Will I notice a difference in tone?
Thanks for your help
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no, it wont' be harder to play, i just made the switch yesterday, and it's really not that hard at all, there may be problems with the nut of ur guitar, you might have to file the slots a tiny bit to allow for thickier strings, but 11's are much better, tone and playing-wise
well i went from 9's to 11's and i found them a lot harder to bend at first but soon i got used to them and my finger strength and control increased. When i play my mates guitar (who uses super-slinky's) I realised how dam easy it was to play them compared to the thicker strings, yet the tone was weak and thin.

I'm all for 11 gague
yeah, when you go from 9 to 11's, it's probably a lot harder, but you get used to it
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