that really does sound like sabbath...i like it, it really gets grooving when the drums kick in...as for the effect, i like it as it is building up, but if i had to change something i would put like a triplet snare fill as it hits the peak then switch into a more powerful beat without the effect, but thats just me, for the chorus, i would also put drum fills in the parts where the guitar cuts out, i would vary the drumming a little bit, i like the last section, but it shouldnt just end like that, i would make some sort of outro...but its a great song, definately record it with vocals and some solos

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Wow, thats...pretty ****ing awesome. really catchy stuff. i like it
Don't really listen to much sabbath, but I can say that this is quite amazing sir. It does seem to be crying out for a vocalist though. The guitar work is tight, has a nice edgy groove to it. Good job

Wow this is cool. Nice phaser/flange on the drums. Really cool riffage, and very sabbath, esp. at the start.

My only criticisms are that it is rather cliche, but thats no big deal, adn the guitars seem to loud in the mix at some points.

This would be great with vocals, and well done for not feeling the need to solo over everything, like I do in my songs

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That was a really good song. The only things I felt that were bad were that I felt like I heard about 50% of the riffs and that the song ends so abrupt. Other than that there isn't much more to add. Definently loved that drum effect (like everyone else who posted).

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