hey, just put wether you prefer hendrix or EVH. This is all 2 solve me and my mate arguing over who is better Eddie van halen or hendrix so please leave something.
hendrix by far
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i personally dislike EVH, and i think jimi hendrix is pretty ****in good, so um hendrix
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Neither, there are far better guitarists! Between the two... HENDRIX for god sake! All Van Halen does is show off how he can tap! Hendrix's music changed lives, marked an era, Van Hallen was just another hair metal act from the 80s, difference was he could play.

There is no best guitarist of all time btw! And there never will be, because if there was there'd be hardly any point us playing, cause we'd just have to immitate and not be creative!

i say zakk wylde or Dimebag darrell are much better than both.
but...if i must choose, i believe EVH is much better.
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EVH makes a whole lot of better music than hendrix

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hendrix has the feel and creativity. Eddie just kind of looks pretty...no homo.

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