As the title says, I was at a guitar store the other day and there were a few amps that had a paper stuck to them that said "no stairway to heaven". Why would they put this? Does it just annoy them that everyone tries to cover the song when they go in (I've heard it a lot of the times I go there). Sorry if its a fumb question, I'm a guitar newb.
its a waynes world joke...
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lol That's pretty funny.
I'm sick of hearing Smoke on the Water too. Great riff, just VERY overplayed.
most likely because every kid whos only played a year or so will play that first thing in a guitar shop.... they probably want to kill themselves after hearing it 100 times a day, most of them done poorly most likely
Because 90% of everyone in a guitar center plays that song (well, I should say song intro) and makes people who work there crazy.
no one would complain if Jimmy Page asked to try out a Gibson Double neck and played stairway!

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I suspect Jimmy is as sick of the song as they are.
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Sorry if its a fumb question, I'm a guitar newb.

yeah that question was pretty damn fumb