I made a thread a couple of months ago about my band's lead singer. I never really wanted her in the band because she is only in the band for the fame, glory, attention ect.

Well we've had two gigs since then, both went reasonably well. After the first gig she didn't come to practice for about 3 weeks and she hasn't been to our latest practices even when we need her as we are writing.

She never gives us notice if she is coming or not and she never has a real reason to ditch practice; she's either hanging out with her boyfriend (who she sees for at least 10 hours every day of the week anyway, she can stand to be away from him for two hours on a fucking Sunday afternoon) or going out with her bitchy friends.

I've had about all I can take, I don't want to quit my band but I'm not sure if I can convince the bassist to agree to kicking her out. The drummer agress with me.

How can I get her out wthout ruining friendships?
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than why do you open this thread and don't just kick her?
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if you were her, what would you want to hear? (so that you and her would still be friends)

but be honest her, and don't use the "it's not you, it's me" line. haha, as much as it seems fitting for a lot of circumstances, it is the last thing someone wants to hear as your kicking them out of a band.
I don't know why she has been in the band as long as she has. Just tell her straight up that it's either she comes to practice, or leaves the band. Some girls are emotional, so if she starts crying.. hold your ground.
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I read your other threads and it looks to me like your getting pretty screwed over. Talk to the others about her (which didn't work last time but its worth another again) if that doesn't work talk (angry talk) to her. And if that doesn't work you shouldn't be in the band. Therefore tell the guys you going to leave if some thing isn't done about her within two weeks. If its not then leave.

You could find another band, and they can rot in hell =].....or beg for you to come back
Go about this in a way that you think works, i.e just talk to your bassist and explain what you see is going on and tell him what you and your drummer think of your singer

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Try to talk to the bassist. If she was just not turning up to practise you might be able to talk to her, but if she's only in the band for the attention then there's no point her being in it. I say don't bother negotiating with her, just kick her out.
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I don't know why she has been in the band as long as she has. Just tell her straight up that it's either she comes to practice, or leaves the band. Some girls are emotional, so if she starts crying.. hold your ground.

If she starts crying, holding your grounds good, but dont be an asshole. Tell her she has to start coming or she's out.
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Or invite a new potential singer to practise to help with the writing, because you need SOMEBODY to check your writing over with. You'll have to look for a new singer anyway, why not start now. And if it filters back to your singer via your bassist you'll know where their loyalties lie and then all you need is a new bassist.

I'm always less for admitting there's a problem and more getting things done. You'll need a new singer if you kick her, and it might even be the kick she needs to realise this band won't always be at her beck and call.
I say you have a few options:

a) Have a band meeting and express these things openly, but be prepared for you and your drummer to walk.
b) Talk to your bassist and see what he thinks. Tell him that a serious band can't have anyone singing for them if they're not willing to practice.
c) Don't bother talking to your bassist. Go straight to her, and tell her that you want her to start coming to practice more because you need to get things rolling. This will get her too, if you tell her that you'll never achieve fame if she doesn't start working more. Bands that get the fame that she wants didn't do it by sitting on their asses, or hanging out with their boyfriends, and not actually putting the time in.

I think you should talk to the drummer and anyone else who may be in the band and tell them that they've gotta be prepared to walk at the end of this thing. You can't continue on the way that you are, because your band will just self destruct in the end if you leave it the way it is.
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Give her one warning, if she doesn't improve, then do this.

a) Have this one friend who doesn't really want to play with you, to play for a little while, and when she discovers this, she'll be really envoius and realise what she actually had.
Then she'll want to come back, and give it more work.

b) You and the drummer kill her boyfriend. Dispose of his testicles, and chop his ears off.
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