Basically I'm 15 and 8 months and I want some advice on how to buy stuff underage (as in cigarettes & alcohol & movies & stuff like that).
yeah no shit...get older people that your friends with to buy it for you and then leave it in their car so you can pick it up at midnight and go get drunk/laid/stoned/or have a good wank
just say your 16 or however old you need to be if they ask you - if they beilieve you then good, if they dont then just accept it and say ok and walk out......dont make a big fuss cos then they will suspect you
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well just go talk to all the older people chances are if they are "like you" they will like you, and if they get a fag then theyll happily buy them 4 u. if ur a girl, stick ur tit sout and u can buy them at like 8.
if you smoke underage... that instanly makes you a dirtbag. don't do that. get some weed. or just wait 2/3 years.
Get an ID?
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