One word (Should be two, but who cares): Scarsick.

Honestly, what a horrible album from such a great band. I first heard Remedy Lane, and then Be, and so I was stoked like mad for this album.

And now I have no faith in humanity.

Your thoughts on the band?
Good band, good album. Once you accept the fact that the band can do whatever they want and it will be quality, listening to Scarsick becomes a lot easier. It may have rapping in it, but when its PoS rapping, you know there's a lot more too it. There is so much going on in Scarsick , a depth that is quite unique to a band like PoS.

It definitely is not their strongest album, but the imo the band can do no wrong. The Perfect Element Part 1 is in my opinion the greatest album of all time.
Ik actually liked every album but esspecially the most underated one: "Be"
But I have to say that I had no problems at all with Scarsick
At first I though the album was crap, but eventually you got used to it the more you listen to it. Not their best, but also not their worst.

And I find Disco Queen to be quite catchy