Anyways, I posted this in the electric guitar forum, but I guess it was in the wrong place because I didn't get any responses. So here it goes again, anyone willing to help me?
I apologize for another "lolzorz Ima n00b so what shud I get" thread, but I just wanted a last opinion. Does Jackson JS30RR + Roland Cube 20X = somewhat good? My price range is around $450, so "great" guitars and amps are out of the question.

Right now I'm playing on a Yamaha EG 112C2 (EG 112 from Costco lol) starter pack, and I'm using the Yamaha starter 8-watt amp. To me, it sounds kind of decent, so I think a Cube 20X would be an improvement.

I'm pretty set on the guitar; love the shape (I play with the guitar in between my legs anyways so the V might benefit me), and the specs look decent; Alder body, bolt on maple neck (won't get a set-neck for that price, right?), 24 xfrets, and no tremelo (don't really need one).

The amp I'm not too sure about. Looks pretty good, but is there anything better for around $150?

And if I had, say anywhere up to $200 to spend after all of this, what should I buy? Swap out the pickups on the Jackson? Buy some pedals?

/annoying n00b questions

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Find out about the guitar exactly. Is it everything your going to want for another 5 years or so? If so, buy it, and save the rest of your $$$. Any amp for $150 or $200 is going to suck balls. Big balls.

Keep playing on your 8-watt amp. Until you get enough money (roughly $400+) for a new amp. Just barre in mind that you can always get more money, but if you spend it whenever you think you have enough, you'll keep making crappy purchases.

It may seem stupid to you know, but figure in that you'll have a nice amp and a nice guitar for the rest of your life. You'll be spending over $800, but you'll be spending way over that if you buy crappy stuff and trade up later on.
The Jackson is a pretty good guitar, and you will definitely feel a difference when playing it compared to the Yamaha. As for the amp, I would go with the Roland Cube, because it has a lot of good built in effects, and it doesnt sound half bad for a modeling amp. If you are going to have $200 left over, you should either save for a new amp, or maybe combine the amp money and try to get a larger amp if you are thinking about jamming or starting a band anytime soon. They have a Cube 60 watt that will be loud enough for jamming and small gigs if you mic it. Good luck man.
Well the thing is my birthday is in like 9 days (16, w00t!), and my parents agreed to get me this combo or the guitar and amp. The left over money is what my friends/family might get me, and what I have earned myself. The next time I will be able to get a considerable amount of money is during the summer when I'll (hopefully) have my license and can get a job. Then I'll probably consider getting a nice gigging amp. Now I just need something that I can practice with at home, and with my band (they all have starter practice amps, so it shouldn't be a problem :P)

So now I was thinking if I had money left over I need to get a case for the jackson, a stand that fits the Rhoads shape, and maybe a couple of pedals.

Thanks for the help.
The guitar is pretty nice since its 24 frets and alder body.

The cube is also nice IF you only use it at the bedroom, if you wanna jam with other friends and a drummer comes into the equation well... You'll find out when you're crying in the corner wishing you could hear yourself.

If you are gonna play in a band or considering then what i would do is try to get all the extra money and tell your parents your plans so later on when you have everything combined you can buy a used cube 60 which will last you alot.

If you don't plan to play in a band i would take the money and buy some Dave Mustaine Livewires or Some EMGs (these are pickups BTW). With a new set of pickups you're guitar will be awsome, pretty much the bolt on will be the worse factor but thats preference anyways.
Funnily enough. I use the guitar... And a similar version of the amp...

Yeah it sounds good if you dial it in right...

But I will tell you that you will get pissed off at the RR... Sometimes it just doesn't cut it...
Yeah, you won't get a set neck and a V shape for less than like 700. :P

Pups are next on my list after the case and stand (hey I wanna keep the thing in a good condition).

I want to have good cleans, too, so I was thinking bridge: Seymour Duncan Distortion and neck: well a humbucker with good cleans. Any advice?
Mow some lawns. Rake some leaves. Give sexual favors to hooded men in alleyways. Just save more money. You'll thank yourself later.

Just remember, on the list of priorities:

1. Amp
2. Guitar

A good amp will compliment a not so great guitar better than the other way around. If you must have an amp, save all of the money you will get and get an amp. What kind of sound do you want?