IM going to post all the worthy videos on this thread. Im an avid you tuber so i watch some good stuff here is some.

Borat:throw the jews down the well!:http://mytuber.com/viewvideo.php?vid=2RKBMX2gthQ

Borat in amsterdam with prostitutes:http://mytuber.com/viewvideo.php?vid=ZBJCioCzM34

Borat on Connan Keybaord duel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: http://mytuber.com/viewvideo.php?vid=zLP5gNI0kwo

Hangar 18-Megadeth:http://mytuber.com/viewvideo.php?vid=fLqdFnbHAlw

Funny japaneese guys:http://mytuber.com/viewvideo.php?vid=AFYDBtKeG2k

Japan dude rocking out on his guitar(good):http://mytuber.com/viewvideo.php?vid=UiFTljSuleY

Dimebag Darrell showing us how to do his squeals on guitar(VERY NICE):http://mytuber.com/viewvideo.php?vid=4dF7cjbw_64

The funniest saw parody ever:http://mytuber.com/viewvideo.php?vid=yKkGGUsje0c
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You should search for UREH! Cuz I haven't seen it yet.

the Borat one reminded me of ureh when he was doing the "beat the gypsy" bit.