Right I picked up RE3 for the first time in years and played it through, and there's a door to the right of the double doors that lead into the newspaper office that says 'locked from the other side' and I can't seem to get into it.

I seem to vaguely remember a room with a zombie in it and some ammo, but I may well be thinking of something else. Anyone know at which point/what I need to do to get in there?

I played this fairly recently actually when I revisited my Dreamcast. Have you encountered that spanish guy yet? Carlos or Manuel or something.
Yeah it's just after the encounter with Nemesis & Carlos in that restaurant. Where you kill him once with the lamp, and then killed him a second time when he got up again.
That's where I got up to roughly then my girlfriend wanted teh secks so I stopped playing.
But can I just say Nightmare is the greatest character ever.