Hello All, Im A tiny bit in love with Emotional Sad Songs. unfortunately when i try to write a song, I end up with a really jolly happy song and its driving me insane. I was wondering if anyone can tell me a few chords that me and my mate could piece together to make a really emotional song.
Please listen to the following so you know what type of song i want to create:
My Chemical Romance - Cancer
My Chemical Romance - Disenchanted
My Chemical Romance - I Dont Love You
Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days
Use more minor chords, they have a darker or sad sound to them.

Try Bm-Dm-Am-Dm, that sounds good to me.
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acoustic guitars and emotional songs are for pussies.

just kidding, there's tons of ways to do it just look at the chords that are used in those songs you listed and start messing with them. you're probably going to let the notes ring a bit more and use more minor chords. if everything you play sounds happy it's probably because it uses chord progressions that are comfortable for you to play, just mix it up and play random chords together than you don't use very much and chances are you'll find the right stuff pretty quickly.
I have the opposite problem as you. I cannot write happy songs.

Seriously though, I recommend minor chords, minor 7ths, arpeggios, some fingerpicking maybe. Just listen to some more sad music and you could get some new ideas.