So I've decided I'm going to buy a head and build a cab (gonna make a 4x12), but I don't know what wood to use. The rest of the stuff's going to be easy, but can someone give me some recommendations?
cheapest would be plywood.


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cheapest would be plywood.

Yes, but what's the best price/quality ratio wood?
well any cheap woods, the wood doesnt change the tone on cabs.
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^ Changing the tone in the same way that a guitar's body wood would? Or would it have something to do with structure and stability?
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birch plywood or poplar plywood is what i would use to build a cab. A few companies that i know of are starting to use poplar, and i would recommend poplar over birch.
the type of wood, not so much, but the thickness of hte wood, and the strucutre of the cab can change tone by a lot.

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It seems that you won't want resonance with the cab. You know, with the vibrating on the floor, rattling the room. Wouldn't it be ideal to have only the speaker vibrating?
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