I just found this website showing a guys collection of guitars. It says he is not a collecter or a shop, just a guitar player with loads of guitars. Check out his collection! he has 100's of them! Where does he keep them? lucky bugger.
Pretty good pirces on what he's selling.
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I made a rough count of his guitars and i think he has 285! 285! i feel so humble with my 1 guitar.
Joe Perry from Aerosmith said he has over 600 guitars! I would love to check out that collection
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what about pete townshend? he had so many les pauls he numbered them. and he takes about 70 on tour with him, i wonder how many he leaves behind?
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285 guitars. damn. what a lucky guy!
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Probably just a really succesful business man's hobby...just imagine the hours you could lose in his practise room.
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WOW, lots of great guitars, and very reasonable prices on the ones he is selling.
im suprised he doesnt have many fenders or ibanez's from the early 70's but he had a nice collection, if he was collecting old japanese from the 70's (which i do) you would surely have a few old ibanez's after all that is how they started out, making great quality copies
On the site it says, Look at my collection, then later down th page it says, I am not a dealer or collector? Lol.. Still alot of guitars.. Lucky!
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^thats still a crapload imo. You have a lot of different brands? I hate it when people have 354037 strats or les pauls. Or any other type for that matter.
This guy is a f&*%$#g sick bastard. How can anyone in their right mind have so many guitars and say they are not a collector!
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Joe Perry from Aerosmith said he has over 600 guitars! I would love to check out that collection

I thought he had only 500

can someone give me the link to te video where he talks about his guitar collection