Did anyone had any experience with the Behringer V-TONE GDI21? its suppose to be an analoge amp moduler.... and how is it compared to the GT-2?
There is no such thing as analog modeling. By it's very nature, modeling is digital. I used to have a Behringer practice amp (the one that comes in a starter pack) that was supposedly "analog modeling", and it was utter bollocks. Take my advice, steer well clear of Behringer amps.
^ i think someone is suffering from a case of mild to severe 'tardation. google sansamp mr hawking.
Hey all. Long-time user, first-time poster.

I just bought one of these GDI21's a couple of weeks back. I'm using as a substitute to my amp's hi-gain channel because one of the switches in the amp has broke. So as a substitute, this thing at $60AUD was a pretty good deal.

Overall, for the sound it produces it's pretty fricken sweet! It's response and drive are very decent for the price range. I'm running it directly into my amp's input jack on the clean channel (amp is an ENGL Ritchie Blackmore) into a Marshal cab loaded with Celestion V30's.

However, the pedal has the same-old "digital" problem, being the more treble you dial in, the more uncontrollable presence you receive. I can't get the right amount of treble without having an over-abundance of presence in the sound.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can reduce the presence in the treble EQ? If anyone knows anything about opening thing up and modding it let me know!
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Hey all. Long-time user, first-time poster.

Obviously. Read the rules, you're not supposed to bump old threads.

Man, looking at my first post in this thread... I can't believe I actually said that
I did. The rules say to search before posting a new topic in case it has come up in the past. I searched and found this
But really, it could go either way.

Any ideas on the presence thing?