Hey, im a 20 yr old guitarist who lives in Haverhill and goes to college in lowell who is looking for a band to join around these areas (or in between) or to start a band if anyone is interested. I've been playing rythm and lead for 4 yrs. I'm mainly into sceamo, hardcore, punk, and metalcore or in other words very melodic (w/harmony) somewhat heavy to heavy stuff ----> no prog metal, yes they are instrumentally awesome but its about the song and good energy live, not being a stiff **** playing a million notes per beat (sorry to those progheads).

ex. of a perfect band---> check out the album Kezia by Protest the Hero ---http://www.myspace.com/protestthehero

Other influences in no oder: Coheed and Cambria, From Autmn to Ashes, A Chance Without, Alesana, AFI, All that Remains, ALexisonfire, Anti-flag, Avenged Sevenfold, BlesstheFAll, Bullet for my valentine, Catherine, Escape the fate, children of bodom, Everynew Day, Funeral for a Friend, Haste the day, I am Ghost, In flames, Killswitch engage, RHCP, Rise againstScary kids scaring kids, Silverstein, senses fail, tool, system of a down...................................................................Rock on
just a few questions: How often a week could you practice because Amherst is a long drive (are you home for the weekends?), what kind of music are you into or comfortable playing at this point?, are you willing to eventually get new equipment?, how committed can you be because I plan on finding a drummer, bassist, vocalist by the time schools out so we could start writing and playing gigs, sorry to have to ask this but are you clean (no excessive drinking or drugs)
Are you interested in playing bass at all? We own a bass so that would not be a problem. The rehearsal spot is in Danvers. So far our set list includes 16 songs, mostly originals but some covers as well. Practices are on saturday afternoon. We are ready to start playing out, just have to find a bass player. Check out the music here www.myspace.com/itchytriggerband
Damn I wish I had a car, better equipment, and more experience....I have much of the same interests in bands as you and I love protest the hero.
!1) where are you located fendabenda? My backup guitar is a Jackson (in good condition) that you could use. Having tons of experience is good but not really that necessary since I dont really have a band together yet and dont have the time to really gig till summer so theres plenty of time to practice. By the way how old are you.

2) thanks for the invite Ibanezax372, I checked out the band and you guys are pretty good but its not really my style of music.
hey man i live in haverhill/go to lowell too, which building are you in?

Edit: i made a post on here a few weeks ago, here is that post so you can get a better idea of me and i dont have to type it all out.

whats up, im CJ, im 18...looking for a band or people to start a band with. any band. i play guitar, have played in acoustic bands, metal bands, metalcore bands, rock bands, and i know covers and riffs from all sorts of genres like funk and blues and some jazz. i like playing anything...well maybe except grindcore, and am just looking for a band. im 18 and live at school in lowell. anywhere around the lowell/haverhill area is great but im not afraid to travel too far. any takers?
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