So I've had this guitar for about a year now, and have only been screwing around with it and learning some easy random songs, and not really concentrating much on chords, other than knowing the G Chord

So then I started searching for some guitar lessons around my area to no success, but found a lot of these internet lessons and everything else. So I was just wondering if there is anyone who has improved from using the lessons on the internet, or if that won't really help me. Also I found this ... http://www.learnandmasterguitar.com/ which seems like it would be a good purchase, but it is pretty damn expensive.

So I was just wondering what you guys think of lessons on the internet, and if any of you have any experience with them, which of the internet lessons is best to use? Or is it better to purchase that book, or get actual lessons. If it is better to get actual lessons how would I go about finding them? I live in Long Island, NY if anyone around there can possibly help out with that.

Well thanks in advance everyone, I appreciate any of the help you guys can provide.
Go to a local music store. And ask if they know of anyone who is looking or is a guitar teacher. They'll lead you in the right direction. I dont know anyone who watched dvd's but some lessons on UG help.
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i purchased lessons online. it got me started but i quickly found that a real teacher would be much better

Not as good as a real teacher, but very helpfull and a little cheaper than real lessons.
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Has anyone bought learn and master guitar? It looks somewhat good but I still am doubtfull of things like these.
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I haven't bought anything or taken actual lessons, but I use this site:
I think it's a great site to use, it has chords, theory and all the rest of that stuff.
You should check it out.

This actually is helping me out a lot already with theory and everything, a lot of beginning stuff that I haven't read anywhere else. Thanks a lot man.
Yeah no problem, someone else pointed me to that site when I was totally lost, forget who, but I thank them as well.
nextlevelguitar.com is fantastic. Got me started, and I just took off from there... Couldn't have been happier.
No, learning from books or the interenet will help you get slightly better but if you want to be good you will have to take real lessons. You could go to a music/guitar store and they might offer lessons, or they may have a notice board with lessons.
Just get a book, you'll be much happier and it'll be much easier to learn. Plus saves on paper and ink if you print out the lessons.