Ok, those of you own B.C Riches will know that some of the more intricate models are very delicate. I have a B.C Rich Zombie Platinum Pro... however only having a jam packed small room it has a few dents and bashes... and a reasnobly large part of the bottom corner missing...

Now... i was wondering if it is possible to get these repaired back to its origonal... or similar standard... i cant really put up pictures... but the damage is on a rating 1/10 about a 7.

Thanks for looking.
I have a warlock and its not really that intricate the corners and bottoms of it are chipped pretty badly its not so bad where i would have to get reapairs but its annoying.

when u say that a chunk of the bottom corner is missing how big a chunk u mght want to consider getting a professional opinion on whether or not it can be repaired if the damage is that bad.
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hmm its a few inches big, at the back of the corner. It cant be seen from the front... and my friend has a wartribe, thats is ALOT more bulky/hard (not sure of the word) than my zombie.