Hey all, i know there are like 400000000+ of these threads. so ill add to the spam!

ill get to the point,

1. Must buy from Americanmusical.com, since they have the 3 payment plan, that way i can get what i want now.

2. looking at the 400USD price range, Give or take.

3. You see my guitars in my sig, and my amp is a shite little crate i got with the purchase of my guitar.

4.this would be just for practice, maybe small gigs in the future. i like to play all types of music, but stick to alternative rock and other types, and i love blues. i would like to play metal a little, but its just not my favorite style.

5. help me pick it! i was leaning towards a vox ad50vt,Fender FM212DSP, Cube60 and kinda looked at a peavy VK, but reviews have been hit or miss with it.

thanks in advanced!

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Well, the Valveking is so much better than the FM212DSP.

Try out the Blues Jr
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