Ok, i'm a noob at this, no need to insult me or anything sicne i0ve never went out wih a girl. I need to know how i can call a girl or talk to her asking hewr out. How to start the conversation.
Once i asked and she accept i need to know what is a good first date place to spend the rest of the night or day in.
I need to know what to avoid saying, whether i should ask a lot about her, and talkl abotu myself etc or about w/e.
This girl is a friend of mine, notmuch of a friend though but i feel she likes me and i liek her a lot but i'm guessiing we just can't get eachother since we're always stuck with friends and try to avoid talking when we're around friends.
I want to ask her out ocn and for all. My greatest fear though is if she'll say she doesn't liek me and lie an excuse to not go without me. My heart will break. How the hell do i ask someone out?? Or even talk to the person?? Need help please