Hello, guitar-savvy people.

I've been inquiring about a Japanese second hand Telecaster and if all goes well, I'm taking a real-life look at it tomorrow.

What I need help with is verifying whether it's legit or not. First of all- did Fender japan make this model at all? It's got a candy apple red front with darker red back and sides, white bindings, maple neck, rosewood fretboard and a three-ply W/B/W pickguard.

I have an image here to help identifying it - a shot down the body. The serial number is visible here. Guitarsjapan.com's serial number chart says that AXXXXXX numbers are '85 to '86, and the guy says it's from '85, so that matches up. Is threre anything else to be aware of when it comes to serial numbers?

Thanks in advance. I hope I've found something good here.
It looks like a Fender Tele Custom made in Japan between 1985 and 1986. Production was shifted overseas during that period for most Fender models right after the transfer of owner ship from CBS to a investment group headed by Fender management.
Whoah, I hadn't noticed any replies to this one... I needed the advice immediately at the time, though. As I said, I was on a train the very next day. With the dollar exchange rate being as low as it is these days, it'd be something like a thousand bucks (I'm from Denmark). But with the rates fluctuating, I'd think it'd convert into... 800 dollars instead. I don't know what's a reasonable asking price over there, but I find it fairly decent. Something to keep in mind is that guitars are generally a LOT more expensive over here. At least 25% on top, and then some more.

And yes- I ended up buying it. It was well taken care of, but it had that noticably "played in" kind of appearance. And it had the Telecaster tone I needed plus a very delightful kind of playability, though I had to get used to the "flimsy" neck (I come from a Les Paul-esque kind of neck). And furthermore, it's the exact combination of visuals I'm smitten with the most- candy apple red, white bindings, rosewood fretboard. The original W/B/W pickguard came with it, so I did the switcharoo.

Sorry for the completely out of focus image. I might take some more eventually:

Future mods: Brass saddles (Wilkinson, perhaps?) and an engraving on the pickguard (for which I'll get a replacement so as to not mess with the original). Possibly a custom-made pin-up girl sticker if I can get the design figured out just right.