I know jack shit about 7 strings so I've got some questions about them,
- Is the extra string higher then the high e string or is it lower than the low e string and what note is it in standard tuning?
- And if its higher does the higher string brake easier?
- Is the fret board a lot wider than the 6 string?
- Are packs of 7 strings easy to get and have a lot of variety?

If you can help me out thx
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- It's a Low B.
- Yes, it's wider.
- Packs would be harder to get due to less demand, and there's probably be a bit less variety, I'd think.
I once heard someone on a guitar dvd say that don't bother with a seven string when you haven't perfected using a six string. I do think playing unearth, korn, and fear factory could be fun though.
yeah, 7-strings are cool, but honestly, i think a 6-string tuned down to drop c or even drop b(would be like a seven string) is heavier than a 7. ^^i agree playing unearth would be fun, but then agains it would take a lot of gettign used to
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