Hello Everybody,

I am new here.

Due to my limited income and muscular dystrophy I am looking for a special guitar between $200-$500.

Because of the configuration of my electric wheelchair I am unable to play guitar in it, so I play in an electric hospital bed (it is on the narrow side).

I had a Little Martin which had (has} a very good sound, but the nut is too narrow for my hands. I was making do when it was stolen about two years ago.

I have looked at the Baby Taylor. Like the sound, but neck is too narrow. Also looked at a Larrivee parlor guitar. Disappointment. Cost a lot more than the Taylor, but didn't sound as good. Art and Lutherie good sound and good price, but the 38 inches is a bit too long.

I also have been looking on the internet and may have found one or two that could fill the bill. The Alvarez Masterworks Series MSD1 Small Dreadnought Guitar and the Ibanez Daytripper DTMA Mini Dreadnought.

The Alvarez Masterworks Series MSD1 Small Dreadnought Guitar is a bit pricey, but has good reviews. Still would like to hear more feedback.

The Ibanez Daytripper DTMA Mini Dreadnought sells for $189.00, but I can not find any opinions on it pro or con. The low price makes me suspicious, however I know there are exceptions and that Ibanez make good guitars. I will really appreciate it if someone would me give some kind of input on this guitar.

In fact, I will be appreciative of any kind of comments and/or suggestions and questions regarding small size guitars.