I was wondering, the way I play powerchords is, say if I play an F powerchord, I'd put my 1st finger on the 1st fret 1st string, and bar the 4th and 5th string with my pinky. Its just when I do this, I hit the 3rd string too, which makes a horrible noise. How should I play powerchords? with each individual finger on each individual fret?
you've got a few options here :

1) play only 2 strings power chords
2) practice hitting only the 6/5/4th strings
3) lift your pinky a bit so it mutes the 3rd string but still frets the 5th and 4th
4) use your pinky and ring fingers for the 5th and 4th strings!
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use your 1st and 3rd fingers... my ring finger usually mutes the g string on its own
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