Im thinking of buying a 12 string

I can play regular guitar fine

I just want to know how you play it and is it hard or easy to play?

so yeah just any advice will help

It's the same thing as a 6 string. Same tuning same everything, just you have two strings where you'd normally have one and the extra string is an octave higher on the three lower strings.
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its the same thing as a regular 6 string
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Are the strings like close enough to where you can easily hold down two with one finger tip??
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on ly it sounds prettier
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yeah u can pick up any 12 string and play it pretty much just as easy as a 6 string, just sounds very nice
Twelve string guitars are usually for pretty sounding chords.

Picking separate octave strings will take some time adjusting to, as they are so close to one another.
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