I'd like to invert these chords...


I know that the F would turn into a F/C chord but I'm not sure about the others.
Any help? Thanks so much.
Well the C would be in the bass of the F chord if you put it in it's second inversion.

* Left to right = Lowest to highest note

First inversion: A C F
Second Inversion: C F A

First Inversion: F A D
Second Inversion: A D F

First Inversion: Cx E# A#
Second Inversion: E# A# Cx

First Inversion: E G C
Second Inversion: G C E

Inversions are used a lot not only to get a different sound out of the chord, but it is also used to smoothen a chord progression's bassline. Maybe run a search about inversions or go check out the lesson on this at http://musictheory.net
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I was wondering what would you call the chords?


Like on that page, you can see the split chords. My first chord is that F/C, second variation. So I was wondering what those other inversions would be called. I guess I'm following the second inversion, since F/C is CFA.
They would be called the same, but you could put the bass note like this, like for D minor:

Dm/F for the first inversion. This signifies that you play a Dm with the note F in the bass. There are other ways, but I'm not clear on that, so I'll just refrain.
I'm kinda confused just how to play these chords. I know an F/C. But I don't know how to play a Dm/F.
Well, for the Dm/F, you could just play a Dm, and wrap your thumb around to hit the F on the low E.
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Another good way of inverting chords is getting a capo and playing different shapes, that are actually the same chords.

So to take for example, your case...

Capo at _5_ and play open chord shapes of

C Am F G

Not sure if that's what you;re after but it is a good way of changing the sound of your chord progression whilst keeping it in the same key, and has other uses.

i.e. Play your chord progression, and get another guitarist playing my version with a capo on 5.