A while ago (not for UG..) I made a little tone test for a song called Need Your Love so Bad. I figured I would do it for my audition, and have a little solo over the chords - but two days before my audition I learned that I wasn't allowed to use backing tracks, so instead I arranged this version.. all solo.. middle verse was improvised.. and all done in one take, on one guitar.



Also this is not physically the Audition, clearly - this is a version I recorded two days after the audition.
It went really well actually.. I played this, and then Anthropology (By Charlie Parker) and he said both were really good - especially this one (apparently he hasn't heard many people my age who can keep in time while playing chords and lead lines at the same time..)

Chord naming and the sight reading parts were a breeze.. the echo clapping bit I need a bit of work on (complex rhythms.. I need to hear them in context to get it..)