Hey guys! I'm looking to buy a new guitar. I'm trying to decide between a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a American Fender Strat but I can't decide... Which do you guys prefer and why?
i think you should go for the strat tbh .. iv been p;aying one all my life and iv never needed to even look at other guitars .. iv played a few les pauls and i just didnt find it that comfy playing .. so i say fender!
The title of your thread would make me report you. But seeing as you want help on buying one, it makes it ok I guess. What kind of music do you play?
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Have you played them? They are completely different guitars in feel and sound.

I like single coils more than humbuckers so I say strat even though I can't imagine why my personal preference would have anything to do with your decision.
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fender strats are all around good guitars and are easily modifiable. you can go from pink floyd, to iron maiden, and to sepultura with those things. plus most virtuosos will use this style of a body.. more comfortable and lightweight.

gibsons are heavy, mostly restricted to rock/hard rock. while the fender is universally known, therefore, i'd go for the fender.
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I play all styles of music... from metal to church. I've played both - the Strat is very comfortable to play but I really like how the Les Paul sounds...
No vs threads.
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