Hello, just wanna introduce myself a bit more on the electric guitar forum. Im 22 and recently purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Custom. The rest of my gear is in my sig. I just picked up a Epi Valve Junior from MusiciansFriend for $100. Hoping to get some nice tone out of this setup.

My music style is mostly rock/prog/metal. But I also enjoy most forms of ROCK music, not this new emo/screamo bullcrap, imo. Anyway...Ive been at it for a year and a half almost. Just having fun and learning new stuff along the way.

My question is mostly that of, with my upcoming gear setup, is this a good beginning setup for this type of music? Any comments apreciated.
My gear:

Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Ibanez GIO
Fender Squier Acoustic

Amps and Effects:

Epiphone Valve Junior Head
Built-my-Own 1x12 cabinet w/ Fender 12" speaker
Boss DS-1

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check into getting a few effects pedals, like and od/distortion, a phaser or a flanger, and, of course, a wah pedal. for the OD, look into a mazon OD-808, the phaser/flanger, ANY MXR, and the wah, a dunlop classic with a fasel inductor, ALWAYS check for a fasel inductor. as far as your upcoming gear, shoot for a guitar with a floyd rose or floyd rose licenses bridge tremelo unit. down the rode, you'll see why. the epi stuff should do nicely for the amount of time you've been playing. eventually, you'll understand things that are a little fuzzy now when i comes to gear and tone.