hey guys i got an Kustom Quad 100DFX and a ESP EX-50 and a Line 6 Tonecore Uber Metal Pedal and i was wondering if anyone has settings for metallica like distortion for it,



Kustom Quad 100 DFX
Line 6 Tonecore Uber Metal
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metal-pedals-suck. Always, the only bands that use them are crappy metal bands.
Metallica doesn't actually use that much distortion, they used sustain or reverb to make it sound like they had more. Most of it was overdrive pedals or the amp.
If you want metallica, I'd suggest the Vox, electro harmonix pedals, or the Ibanez tube screamer.

Listen to MOP, the heaviness comes from James Hetfield.

Their guitaring is so much more hardcore than their tone.
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how bout....all knobs all the way to the left

or check the ultimate settings thread


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