Does ANgus change his settings on his amp/guitar for every song? Like, are the settings for Back In Black the same as For Those About To Rock? And can someone tell me his settings?
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Angus Young of AC/DC
Gain - 5
Treble - 10
Mid - 10
Bass - 5

This is pretty close to his tone.
The thing is artists are never nearly as anally retentive about replicating their tones as we are. The recorded sounds generally evolve as the band gets older, and they also may use different equipment depending on what studio they're in and what's available.

The same goes for live sound, some bands will use different equipment if they don't take everything with them on tour, and also every venue is different which means that the sound has to be different. It's not a case of the roadies having a little book with everyone's amp settings on, they set the gear according to what sounds best in that venue so it's different every time.
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