my friends that are really good at guitar have taken music theory lessons and they make up their own stuff with ease and my friends that are not good and only know about 50 different but complex riffs and solos but nothing else have not, has anyone here tooken music theory lessons and how much does it help you improve as a player
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as far as theory, and i dunno your style, but, theory helps with everything. i play metal, and, theory has helped me enjoy and compose alot of classical and jazz. when it comes to technicallity, that's just a matter of playing for years and years.
dude, you dont need to take lessons. buy a few books, read on the internet, and learn it that way. theory has helped me with faster improv, and when im writing it helps me not write myself into a corner. it really helps, jsut basic theory.
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You don't need the lessons but they'll help.

The MT forum and lessons on here work wonders.
i'm taking advanced music theory and comp. next year.
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i took the lessons they are a huge help i learned so much I have stopped for a bit now because of my co-op job ill re-schedule soon though
I recommend taking the AP Music theory course at your high school if you can already read standard notation fluently, if not, just use the articles/forum on this site and get reading!
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i'm taking advanced music theory and comp. next year.

Damn, I wish I had that class. I quit band (snare drum ) and can't read standard notation.
I'm immersed in theory right now, I've even started piano to improve it. I love being able to use all that complex vocabulary on my friends
I'm taking a theory class at MIT. Most of the stuff I already know, but it's nice to have a teacher to clarify stuff. =)
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