Ok im down to theses three, I like how they sound and look but cant decide...
If i get the WI14 i can buy some pedals and other stuff with it.


ESP F-50

Only Metal Will do
I've tried GSZ 120,kinda liked it,but the pups were too weak.The F50 is made of agathis,the most hated wood around UG,and I'm not so sure bout the WI14....It says hardwood,so I'm pretty sure its made of junk...try expanding your budget and you'll get a better guitar.Or maybe just choose something from cort
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The ESP is actually a not bad playing guitar. My friend has one, but he doesn't use it anymore since he upgraded to the EX-400. Agathis is not a bad tonewood, since tone is subjective which means there can't be a wrong or bad tone, just what people like and hate. It is definitely a guitar you should check out.
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whats wrong with agaithis? sorry im new still.
how about the Epiphone G-310 SG
Or the Ilbanez GAX70
or Ilbanez170DX
or ESP-MH50
Only Metal Will do
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im ging to assume this is your first guitar.

do you already have an amp? if not, i would say get the wi14, and put the extra money towards an amp. the wi14 is a great beginners guitar, will do you fine for a few years.
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I'm going to be honest with you.

All of those guitars are terrible.

Don't get anything made of agathis, it's quite a bland tone wood.

Try to save more money and get an MIM Fender HSS Stratocaster.

How come in some pics the WI14 has a Tremolo Bar and some dont.
Im confused....
Only Metal Will do
Get a Yamaha Pacifica 112 quite possibly the best beginner guitar! (it will last beyond the beginner days too)
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