Heres some riffs i started messing around with earlier. They somewhat remind me of the band Death. What you guys think? Dont take the solo too seriously, i just threw something over it for the hell of it, and basically all it is is a bunch of riffs ill develope into a song sometime. Let me know what you guys think. crit 4 crit.

im not into metal but:
u need to turn up the volume on the gutar
but i can tell u got some skill just try to put more feeling into it, it sounds like ur sorta detached but that may just be my dilike for metal in general

check out my 25 or 6 to 4 solo...thats about as metal as i get
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first off, your tone is actually listenable compared to most people's distortions lol. The song is fairly generic, but enjoyable. The first solo lick scared the crap outta me cause its louder than the riffs and comes out of nowhere lol. Wasn't really feeling the main solo, but the riffs were not bad.
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