i got my first gig on friday. it's at some playhouse and it's for local bands to get their name out and find members if they need any. the bands are supposed to be 18 and older, but me and the drummer are 16 and our bassist is 17. we have a bunch of songs, but we're trying to write some that would go good just instrumental, we have one so far and we need two more by friday, so we're practicing every day after school. i'm kind of nervous about it though. i'm not a bad guitarist, like i can play the solo in stairway to heaven and in war pigs and a bunch of other stuff, but my technique is kind of sloppy, and i'm just nervous that everyone's going to think we suck, me in particular. anyone else had this problem?
don't get drunk or stoned before it
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people think the easiest stuff is the shit..
just tap stuff and do whatever and people like worship you bro
jus keep it chill no one will think you suck for sure
Even if your first gig sucks, it doesn't matter. You're 16 years old. You have plenty of time ahead of you to improve and to learn to deal with nerves. Just go out there, try your best and have a good time.