I've got an ltd rs200, and I like it quite a bit, and I was wondering if I could directly replace the licensed floyd rose with an original floyd rose.
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lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
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He likes the guitar quite a bit but not so much the trem?.. I'm pretty sure they bolt straight in somehow. Just a straight swap. Don't quote me on that though.

Ha ha, I just quoted you on it.

However, I have something to add. I know that you can't swap parts between OFR and LFR systems. However, I'd say the critical issue is the dsitance between the posts. If they match up, you should be able to swap the unit.
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My XXXplorer has been swapped from LFR to OFR so I think it should work on any guitar.

not necessarily, it depends on the dimensions of the LFR

i know the jackson licensed trems are a direct swap for OFRs and im sure ive heard that the ltd ones are as well although i cant be sure if that person knew what they were talking about

go to the floyd rose website and you can find the dimensions of the routing and where the holes go and compare those measurements with those of your guitar, main thing to focus on is the distance between the trem posts