so I play a mostly punk/hardcore and I have a Epiphone SG with alnico-magnet humbuckers i think, and personnally i think their crappy

but my question is should i just get a distortion pedal or new humbuckers to help with my sound

and if you say humbuckers tell me what kind

what kind of pedal to get would be nice to know also
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if your amp is high-gain then pickups

if its not, then pedal
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Yes alot of your tone actually depends on your amp. I've heard about 70%? And punk/hardcore, maybe some active EMG's...
Sorry, I don't know many types of pickups at the moment... So wait for someone else to reply first...
you own crate. Hah. Anyway, you should probably start off getting a new amp, crate is just fake... right down to the preamp recifitiers, but if you want better tone, you want new pickups, a pedal just gives you a better tone in one aspect.
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Go for the pedal. New pickups will change your sound, but without a nice amp you will hardly notice the difference.

I have no idea what type of music you play, so I really can't give you a good suggestion for a distortion pedal. I can say that my GT212 sounds great with a Jekyll & Hyde, so that might be something to look in to.
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