ok so i just got a new tube amp off ebay, a peavey xxx 40 watt combo, and it has a pretty good metal tone, but not the metallica tone i was after. more randy rhoads than master of puppets. so i used my metal master pedal as a boost for the ultra channel, which is the heaviest, and it sounds better but it steals some of the "warth" from the tubes and also hisses like a son of a bitch, even with the gain on the amp at 1 or 2. it would be totally unplayable if i didn't have a noise suppressor. well just wondering if anyone knows a good boost pedal i should buy for a warmer/metallica tone. i was thinking maybe tube screamer? thanks!
There might be something wrong with your amp if you can't get a Rhoads or (early) Metallica tone out of a Triple XXX, those are relatively lower gain tones in comparison to most modern styles.

What are your EQ/Gain settings, what guitar and pickups, pedals, ETC do you use?
You need to back off the distortion. Classic metal didn't use that much distortion.
Never buy a metal pedal.

sorry, what was I saying?

*cough*get an MXR or an Xotic*cough*
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mids aren't going to make that much of a difference, dude.

I mean unless he's got them entirely scooped and the other dials cranked, of course.

and I don't think a boost pedal or distortion would make that much of a difference.

Its pretty easy to get a thrash tone out of the Triple XXX...

General rule of thumb

Less Resonance/Depth

Less gain

More Presence

More mids

Maybe not even the ultra channel, you'd want to try something else.