We practice all day,
We practice all night,
But when we get in the ring,
Our band comes to fight.

We've got the best make up,
And hook up with chicks,
We drink the Jack Daniels,
While we listen to our hits.

We gave it our best shot,
But in the end,
Hair metal died,
Like my drugged up friends.

This shit is thugged out.
its interesting that the topics in hair metal bands from the 80's and rappers from today's songs are very similar. they both essentially try to tell the how kick ass they are, or how rich they are, how many chicks they hook up with, etc......
hahahah I liked that alot it was pretty damn clever.

Kinda reminds me of 'cover of the rolling stone' by dr. Hook... just cause they are talking about their own band..

good job id like to hear it recorded :P:P

Check out mine?

Its in my sig: 'The demise of demons to make way for a consumer zombie'

not as satirical as yours but still :P