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What kind of marks do you get in school?
I have 80% exactly in almost everything except for Independent English in which I have around 90%, Graphic Arts in which I have around a 60% and Math probably in the 70s.
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i'm very random with my grades. one semester i'll get an A in a subject and the next i'll get a C. for the most part this causes my final average to hover around the B range.
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usually the 85-90 courses like history, law, english......all the stuff i'm awesoem at.

80-85 in maths and sciences...
I usually get 75 on whatever I hand in. If I hand in a PhD's thesis, its 75. If I shit on a page and give them that, 75.

Once in a while it'll be 80 or 65, just to mess with my head.
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English - High 90's
Bio - low 80's
Math - Mid 80's
Gym - High 80's
Spanish - 100
Global - High 90's
Speech - High 90's

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good stuff

im totally eratic mine go anywhere from 57% to 109%
so yeah....
I graduated High school with the top english award and runner up for the film arts award.

I can't remember any accual numbers but I was awsome at the more arty and creative stuff.I was horrible at math.
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I get straight A's (usually in the 94-98% range) in all my classes. English and biology are my best subjects.

...Except for one time I got a B+ in computer applications. My parents were disappointed, as was I; But my grade from the quarter before evened it out to a low A for the semester, so it was tolerable.
Usually from anywhere between 45% and 80%. And sometimes I phail in maths =[

Stupid asian teacher...
60~90% in everything.
94% in all my classes except for 87% in math and 83% in english
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I got like...71% in the half yearlies... I'll prolly get around 90 in the finals though
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B's and A's
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50-72% i have only received an A once and that was in grade 4
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Being in England we don't have a 1 - 100 scale, but I get good grades. At the moment most are at the B mark, apart from electronics, which is a C. My history and business and communication systems are A* though, because they're really just common sense. My english is at AS level, and got an A in my last exam.

So yeah, I'm expected to get higher than most of my Bs, which I'm happy about. A B is good enough to get me into college.
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English: About 75%
Maths: 90-95%
Sciences: 80-95%
Latin and Japanese: 90-95%
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First semester, I was getting 60's. During this semester (the second), i've been hitting 70's and even 80s. I hope it will stay that way or go even higher.
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results last thursday- A A B C. and 100% in general studies: maths and technology.
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Physics,Chemistry,Biology - 90-95%
English, Literature - 60s
and I pretty much suck at anything else
So far in high school I've gotten nothing below a 90, my average on my last report card was a 94 (I got 100 on my history essay so I got a 96 in the class). My English mark is kind of slipping a LOT though, I don't get along with the teacher because I'm smarter than her.

Oh well. I really don't care too much about marks.
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I suck balls at math, I think I'm getting 61%, but I'm getting 100% in Latin (Tuus mater in via bibit, haha, figure that one out bitches), 102% in English(Seriously, I got 100 on everything and the extra credit, and the bonus questions and all that jazz), and 94% in science. w00t
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I get everything inbetween grades A - D, it just depends on how much time I put into the subject.
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Guess what people - when you leave school, you will realise that the majority of grades mean jackshit.
All 80s.

Which is good, but I can do better.

I just don't want to.

Mehn.. Even if I tried at this point I couldn't do really good. I fried too many brain cells.

Most of the classes around 75-85
Biology and math 64
English 98
Music 100
Philosophy 100
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Wow, you guys are all so smart. I'm struggling to keep at an 80% right now.

Smart isn't necessarily the defining factor in grades. Most of it is your work ethic and capability to do what the teachers want.

Personally, I can get by with sheer weight of intelligence and writing skill. I pay attention in my classes when we go over our material, so I almost never have to study, and I can put together a satisfactory report or presentation in a matter of hours. However, there are girls at the school who aren't particularly smart, but receive good grades because of their abilities to do exactly what the teachers want and getting on good terms with the right people in the town.

Then, there are two good friends of mine, both of them very smart, who don't always make outstanding grades because of laziness and unwillingness to present what the teachers want them to.
I have no idea, we havent had our AS reports yet. Last year, I got 99% on GCSE maths, though. I got 1 question wrong, and it was a stupid mistake at that

Im looking for all As, though.
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Computers: 80%
Law- 83%
Science- 77%
Algebra- 63%
English- 77%
Drama- 68%

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Wow, I'm suprised that Emboidment really did come through and make this thread... it's just sad that I just now found it.
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