Long story short, I need to play the freebird solo by lynyrd skynyrd and make it sound at least somewhat decent pretty fast. I know the first thing I need is a slide. My first question is, what slide would be best for this song? I think a chrome or maybe bronze would be best, but I am really not sure. Also, I know that the peavey amp they use in the real song has an effect on their sound. What I am wondering is, would getting some kind of effects processor that can simulate the peavey be good enough? A third question related to that second question, are there any effects that they use in the song outside of distortion? And what kind of distortion is it they use exactly? I am hoping there is an effects processor out there that can simulate the amp and effects they use all in one for me.

My current setup: Standard (Mexican) Fat Strat w/ Fender Frontman 25R (25 watts)

Thanks for your help.
No the solo has no slide, and sorry I don't know about the effects, though I would think an amp and overdrive pedal would do it, your amp isn't the best for freebird though (look who's talking, me, the dude with the Spider II).
I was so sure he used a slide because when I watched a video it looked like there was something on Rossington's finger. A friend of mine just pointed me to an article on guitar.about.com that says "Rossington used a glass Coricidin bottle on his middle finger for a slide, an idea he got from Duane Allman. "

So it seems a glass slide is what I would need.

As for the effects, you are probably right it is just an overdrive pedal, I think I need to look into an effects processor that could model the Peavey though?
Ok maybe we should clarify, are you talking about the solo in the first half of the song (with the vocals), or the insane, this-is-what-made-Skynyrd-legendary second half. The first half of the song does have a slide, but the second doesn't. Maybe that clears things up a little.
Yeah that does help explain, I am talking about the second half. I just assumed from the article there is a slide in both parts.
No slide on the outro, at least not on the main guitar part. Don't worry about effects, just overdrive your amp and play it - yust make sure there's not too much distortion. At times there's a lot going on, it could be effects but it's most likely just multiple guitar parts. There's a bit of compression on there to give that slight "sponginess" to the sound, same goes for the rhythm gitar but that's about it.
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